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Regardless of origin, lechon, lumpia, and pork adobo are now considered national dishes. Regional variations in the fresh ingredients available account for provincial specialties.

The 300 years of Spanish rule have resulted majority of Filipino dishes being of Spanish derivation. Interestingly, there was relatively little Mexican influence, despite the ties to a Mexican-based administration and the galleon trade. 

The Spanish colonialists preferred Iberian dishes, such as arroz valenciana, to those of the Mexican Indians. 

Adobo preparation is the only exception as the tomato, corn, avocado, and potato in Adobo were all introduced from Mexico, but we flavor it quite different.

Chinese contribution is noodles, which form the basis of the popular pancit dishes. The Chinese also gave the Philippines lumpia and chop suey. Some standard dishes, such as the coconut-based ginataan, have retained their Malay origin.

In this column, are some daily food cooking that Filipinos eat and cook everyday, I would love to introduce them to my browsers and I hope you will try to cook them and have enjoyment.

Cooking basic Filipino food is quite simple, but you need to ask your self if you are willing to try, taste and then cook it.

 As a matter of fact, our food are mixture of Spanish, Chinese some Indian and of course nowadays is American influences, these are the countries who influenced the food culture.

We mostly used coconut to mix in our cooking, but we are not habitual of very spicy and hot food, although our food recipes varies in different provinces. Filipinos cannot eat with out rice- this is our staple food. 

I know for the fact that Filipinos who live outside the country still eat and cook the same food they eat in the Philippines everyday. 

They feel weak with out the rice in they body system, that's for sure, I had the same problem of myself, but because I left my country 17 years ago, I was lucky to adjust my self for not eating rice everyday, though I'm limiting myself to eat this 3 times a week.

In this section, please click this link to give some knowledge about vegetables, fruits and spices we use and eat every day in the Philippines and the good news they are available in majority of Asian Markets, Stores and big Supermarkets mostly around the world:


Philippine Vegetables, Fruits and Spices


Party Recipes (These are dishes I served often on my gatherings) 

Here are some basic food we cook and eat everyday:



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