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Pancit Malabon


Pancit Malabon (A true Filipino Style of Noodles)


1 large packet Dried rice noodles (vermecelli) thin or thick
1 cup Shelled cooked shrimps (sliced in middle)
1/2 cup Cooking oil or butter
1/2 cup Green onions (scallions), sliced finely
1 cup Pork, boiled and slice into thin strips
1/2 cup Soy bean curd (tofu) cut into small cubes
1 head Fresh garlic, minced finely
1/2 cup Parsley sliced into half inch bits
1/2 bunch Asian Celery leaves to garnish (sliced finely the white part) 4 tbsps. plain flour
5 cups Boiling water
1/2 cup Fried pork skins (crushed)
2 cups Shrimp juice (to produce this, liquidized 1 cup water with the shrimp heads for 4 minutes)
1/2 lb. Fresh Squid, (cut into 4 ring portions and fry for at least 3 minutes).
2 pieces  Hard-boiled eggs, use an egg slicer
2 whole Lemons, each cut into six pieces
dashes Ground pepper


Soak the noodles in water for ten minutes, then drain.

Mix the flour with 1/2 cup of water, and set aside.

In medium heat put a skillet and fry the garlic until brown. Drain and set aside

Fry the pork, on low heat until brown. Add the shrimps and the bean curd and let sit for about 1 minute.

Add 1/2 shrimp juices, cover and simmer.

Season with salt and pepper, then set aside.

Take the remaining 1 1/2 shrimp juice and add to the flour mixture.

Let simmer over low heat, stirring constantly.

Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Boil 5 cups of water in a large saucepan.

Use a skimmer or strainer (has to be metal or wood.)

Fill the skimmer with a cup of rice noodles at a time.

Dip the skimmer into the boiling water for one minute and drain well.

Pour the noodles into a large serving platter and spread with the sauce.

Top the sauce with the pork, squid and shrimps mixture, then sprinkle with the fried garlic and crushed pork rinds.

Garnish with the all the vegetables egg slices, dash of pepper and lemon (to be squeeze).

Special tips:

This noodle dish can be serve in any meal, it can be snack, a dinner or if you double the amounts, this can go well in big gatherings.

My honest opinion, this is my best favorite noodle dish and I cooked and serve this so many times.



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