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These vegetables, fruits and spices are now starting to appear in regular supermarkets and groceries especially in bigger cities. Of course you can find them regularly in Asian groceries. And I know if they are not available on their stocks or shelf you can order these ahead.

Philippine Vegetables as follows: Philippine Fruits as follows: Philippine Spices as follows:

Alogbati - Malabar or Spinach Atis - Custard apple Atswete - Annatto
Ampalaya - Bitter melon Bayabas - Guava Kinchay - Asian celery
Chicharo - Snow peas Balimbing - Star fruit Dayap - Lime
Dahon ng gabi - Taro leaves Chico - Sapodilla Luyang dilaw - Turmeric
Dahon ng sili - Chili pepper leaves Kasoy - Cashew Luya - Fresh ginger
Dahon ng Ampalaya - Bitter Gourd Leaves Kaymito - Star apple Murang sibuyas - Green onions or Scallions
Gabi - Taro root Guyabano - Sour sop Sili - Chili peppers
Kabute - Fungus Langka - Jackfruit Siling Labuyo - Wild chili peppers
Kamote - Sweet potatoes Lansones - Longans Tanglad - Lemon grass
Kamoteng Kahoy -Cassava Mangga - Mango  
Kangkong - Water spinach Papaya - The same or Paw paw  
Labanos - White radish Rimas - Bread fruit  
Labong - Bamboo shoots Saging - Banana  
Malunggay - Horseradish leaves Saging na Saba - Plantain  
Munggo - Mung beans Sampalok - Tamarind  
Mustasa - Mustard cabbage Suha - Pomelo  
Patola - Ridged gourd Tubo - Sugar cane ( technically it is not a fruit)  
Pechay - Bok choi    
Puso ng Saging - Banana blossoms    
Sigarilyas - Winged bean    
Singkamas - Jicama    
Sitaw - String beans    
Talbos ng kamote - sweet potato tops    
Talong - egg plant    
Toge - bean sprouts    
Ube - purple yam    
Upo - fuzzy melon    

I will update this section as I find more items around, especially in Asian markets. I hope this will help at lot to know more about Philippine cooking and gastronomy.



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