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Beef Cubes in Liver Sauce (Caldereta)

2 lbs Beef brisket, cut into 1 1/2 inch cubes or alternatively you can use chicken boneless breast
1 head Garlic minced
2 medium Onions, diced
8 pcs. Frankfurters hot dogs (cut into 4 pcs.)
1 medium. Sliced pineapple, canned (cut into 4 pcs.)
4 pcs. Hot fresh chilis (cut finely)
5 medium Potatatoes (slice round 1/4 inch thick)
2 pcs. Bell peppers (green & red) cut into an inch
pinches Salt and Pepper
2 Bay leaves, tear into half
1/4 cup Brown sugar
1 medium Tomato paste or sauce (canned)
1/4 cup Soy sauce
2- 3 small. Liver spread in cans, or alternatively you can use fresh pork or ox liver chopped very finely

Saute in a big sauce pan with butter, garlic, onions and cube meat, cover, simmer stirring frequently.

Mix salt, pepper, bay leaves, soy sauce, tomato sauce and pour 2 cups of water and chillis.

Keep simmering for 30 minutes and mix the liver spread, sliced pineapple and peppers, stirring occasionally until it glaze and coat the flavor.

Keep cooking for 2 hours in low heat in the cooker until the meat is tender and cook.

Heat a seperate frying pan with butter, in low heat and fry potatoes and hot dogs last, and mix them to all at least 20 minutes before everything is cook and ready to serve.

Serve with plain rice and it can be a party food also.

Serve 10-12 people.

Simple tips and variations:

If you prefer chicken pieces or pork pieces can be substitute instead of beef they almost taste delicious

I even used mutton meat on few occasions, few years ago, on my parties.



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