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Although Britain has become more open to international cuisine, particularly Indian cuisine which is second main meal to most Britons, afternoon tea is still a big part of the culture. (Britons are the world's greatest tea drinkers)! Enjoy the wide variety of teas, buns, teacakes and freshly baked scones and muffins with butter, jam and clotted cream. Don't be surprised at the few inch of weight you will have.

British cooking may not be the same taste as Italian and French food. Good typical food is common by home cooking, Major pubs or bars can be recommended for their home and country cooking. If you go to a pub for lunch and try a "Ploughman's" lunch, composed of buttered roll of bread, cheese, pickle spread and pickled onions, salad, with a pint of beer. This is very common and it's very handy, and it not expensive and taste delicious.

Or try the traditional fish and chips, (they still wrap this for great satisfaction with old style white paper) which you can buy ready made freshly cooked on Fish and Chips shop if you don't feel like cooking for your dinner, I do recommend to try this and can be found mostly in every village of Britain.

A traditional, cereal or porridge oatmeal , with milk or cream and sugar or salt for weight-watchers, or cooked full breakfast are bacon, fried eggs, fried tomatoes, mushrooms with warmed baked beans and buttered toast bread, jam or marmalade with toast bread and this meal would not be complete with out cup of tea with milk, black or white coffee.

Roast beef, pork or chicken and Yorkshire pudding (a baked mixture of flour, water, eggs, milk and salt ) served with roast potatoes and seasonal vegetables are a popular choice for a Sunday lunch or special dinner. Afters or dessert puddings are choices of apple pie with fresh cooked custard or apple crumble pie. And last but not the least, the last part of the meal are biscuits, butter, and few selection of cheeses, mint candy, and cup of tea or coffee.



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