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Mixed Grill


Traditional English Mixed Grill


1 medium Slice pork chop
or 1 medium Slice sirloin steak
1 slice Calfs liver
2 pcs. English sausage, or any of your choice
1 piece Lean hamburger
2 medium Firm tomatoes
1 big piece Portabella mushroom, slice into half
a slice Fresh buttered bread or Toast bread


Heat griddle or oven broil arrange all the meat to cook, turning meat occasionally to grill evenly until it's all cook.

Tomatoes and mushroom could be cook fried or grill.

Arrange in a steak plate or large dish plate as it cook and serve.

This sort of food is heavy and it normally serve on dinner time on winter season.

Good for 1 serving.

Useful tips:

If you want to try this recipe, it's very filling but it's worthy.

So if you are serving 4 people, you have to produce 4 times of this procedure.



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