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Roast Beef Ribs


Roast Beef Ribs In Crusty Horseradish Sauce


2 lbs. Rib of beef
Mixture of vegetables like (selection of potatoes, parsnips, carrots, onions) peeled and cut into halves
Horseradish sauce
Salt and pepper
Fresh coriander, chopped roughly


Trim the excess nerve and fat inside the beef ribs. Roast the beef on a bed of vegetables at 475 F for the first 20 minutes.

This will help to give the joint a good crust and get the cooking off to a good start.

Mix the horseradish and mustard together, remove the beef and brush the back of the beef liberally with the mixture.

Push on the breadcrumbs mixed with salt and pepper and coriander.

Lower the oven to 375 F and roast using the following times and weight depending on your taste.

Remove the beef out of the oven, but do not turn off and rest for 20 minutes before slicing.

Serve with vegetables and Yorkshire pudding..

Simple tips for roasting beef:

14 minutes per 450 grams for rare cooking

21 minutes per 450 grams for medium cooking

27 minutes per450 grams for well done cooking



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