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Fisherman's Pie


English Fisherman's Pie


1 1/2 lbs White flesh of fish
1/2 cup Milk
2 cups All purpose flour
1 lb. Cooked peeled prawns (shrimp)
2 Hard boiled eggs, chopped roughly
1 tbsp. Capers, drained
4 tbsp. Chopped fresh parsley
2 tbsp. Freshly squeezed lime juice
some Salt and fresh ground Pepper
How to make your topping:
2 lbs. Fresh boiled potatoes
6 tbsp. Butter
1/8 tsp. Grated nutmeg
1/4 cup Grated cheese
1/2 cup Milk

Preheat the oven to 400F temperature.

In a baking pan, start arranging the fish and season them well with salt and pepper.

Pour 1 cup of milk, dot the half of the butter in flecks, then bake in the oven for 20 minutes.

Remove the liquid and set aside, remove the skin and flake the fish into reasonable large pieces.

To make the sauce, melt the remaining butter in a saucepan, stirring the flour slowly with the fish liquid, stirring well in between each addition.

As all the liquid is in, finish off the sauce by gradually adding the remaining milk and season with salt and pepper.

The next step is to mix the fish into the sauce, together with the prawns (shrimps), hard boiled eggs, capers and parsley.

Dip a finger tip and taste the sauce if is well flavor if needed more salt and pepper and mix the lemon juice.

And pour the whole mixture to a well butter baking dish.

Mash and cream the potatoes with butter and milk, add pinch of salt and pepper and nutmeg and spread all over the fish.

Smooth the surface of the potato, using the tip of the fork.

Sprinkle the cheese, and bake on the same temperature, in middle rack of the oven shelf for 40 minutes, or until heated through and golden brown.

Serve immediately.

Serve 6 people.




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