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Full Breakfast


English Full Breakfast

3 pieces  Canadian or Irish Bacon
1 medium. Tomatoes
1/2 cup Baked Beans
5 medium Mushrooms
2 pieces  Eggs
1 pc. Slice of Bread
2 pieces  Hashed Browns
2 slices Black Pudding (optional)


In a medium heat on a large frying pan, in an adequate amount of low cholesterol cooking oil:

Fried bacon on your choice (better if it's crispy).

Slice tomatoes into 4 pieces and fried (alternatively you can use canned stewed tomatoes).

Fried mushroom whole or slice.

Slice a half inch black pudding and fried

Fried a slice of bread in a very hot frying pan with the bread can soak on oil for 1 minute.

Fried eggs on you choice, or scrambled eggs will do.

Heat baked beans in microwave for 1 minute.

Arrange all the cooked foods in a steak plate or large eating plate and serve hot with cup of coffee or hot tea.

Serve 1 person.

Simple tips:

This breakfast dish is full of nourishment, and while you are cooking the rest, keep them warm on a low heat oven , until they all ready to serve.




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