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Batch Scone
Laver bread
Trout Wrap in
Leeks and Potato
Bara Brith
Welsh Cawl
Welsh Cakes
Welsh Rarebit
Venison, Leek

Welsh food is not particularly well-known, but it does exist. 

The leek, of course, is the national symbol, but you'll also find laver bread (a mixture of seaweed, oatmeal and bacon served on toast).

The rarebit (cheese on toast with the added flavor of mustard and beer) and Glamorgan sausages, a meatless delight made from cheese, breadcrumbs, herbs and leek.
In Wales, if you are staying in hotel or eating in a restaurant - you will be served with the most mouth watering breakfast and local eggs, bacon, combined with the more unusual ingredients, Laver bread and Cockles or the traditional Welsh Rarebit.

Afternoon tea can be served with Bara Brith ( a fruit bread) or Welsh cakes.

The traditional meat for dinner in the evening is Welsh Lamb .

I hope these food recipes will give you interest to try and cook and serve sometimes:




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