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Trout Wrap in


Rainbow Trout Wrap in Bacon Strip

4 medium Fresh Rainbow Trout
4 tsp. Fresh thyme, chopped finely
4 tsp. Fresh parsley, chopped finely
4 tsp. Fresh sage, chopped finely
4 rashers (Strips) of bacon
1 tsp. Butter

Clean the trout well removing the gill, but head and tail left on and dry with paper towels.

Stuffed with a mixture of fresh rosemary, thyme, parsley, and sage loosely chopped and blended with 1 tsp. butter.

Wrap the fish in a long rasher of bacon.

Enclose in foil and bake in a hot oven for around 25-30 minutes.

Open top of foil and shape like a boat, paint with a little butter and serve.

Serve with boiled potatoes and plain fresh vegetables.

This dish can be baked in an open fire if you wish.

Serve 4 people (1 fish every person).



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