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Duck in Sake
Pork Cutlet
Beef Potato
Fried Rice
Fish Sushi
Tofu Salad

Japanese cuisine is artistic and subtle in balance with it's simplicity and elegance.

Ingredients use in daily basis for cooking food are always fresh , in season and in premium qualities. Like any Asian countries, rice is always included in the meal but they intend to eat short and medium grains, for perfect steaming, (and majority of Asian people do cook rice in electric rice cooker, which mean cooking rice this way could never go wrong). Seaweeds plays a big part also, especially this is very rich in iron and iodine.

Tofu is a major source of protein, and Soya beans and sauces, of course fish for sushi and sashimi, are definitely present. Rice sake which is very popular mixture in cooking , though this is a nice wine to drink also.



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