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Pork Cutlet


Pork Cutlet (Tonkatsu)


6 pieces (1 by 1/4) Thick slices of pork fillets
some Coarse salt
pinch Black ground pepper (shanso)
1/2 cup Flour to dredge
2 Beaten eggs
1 cup Japanese bread crumbs (dried)
11/2 cups Cooking oil for deep frying
1 tsp. Shredded pickled ginger (beni shoga)
1/2 head Cabbage, shredded (hakusai)
How to make the dipping sauce:
4 tbsp Japanese sake
1/4 cup Tomato catsup
6 tsp. Japanese soy sauce
4 tsp. Hot mustard

Wash quickly the pork filet and pat dry with paper towel, and start seasoning with salt and pepper then

Then dip in to the flour and shake off excess flour.

Dip pork meat in beaten eggs, start coating with the breadcrumbs and firmly pressed them.

Heat cooking oil in a deep frying pan, fry crumbed meat slices in medium heat for about 7 minutes or until golden brown.

Drain in paper towels, then cut each one into slices and assemble into original shape.

Garnish with pickled ginger and shredded cabbage and with the dipping sauce.

Serve with steamed white rice.

Serve 6 people.





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