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Stuffed Herrings
Venison in
Tender Loin
Irish Hot Pot
Irish Cod Cobbler
Trout In Herbs
Steak & Kidney
Irish Colcannon
Irish Stew
Corned Beef
Parsnip Apple

Irish cooking with their basic ingredients are so good to elaborate sauces are unnecessary to bring out the flavor of the food. The humble potato is appreciated as nowhere else and a plate of steaming, floury spuds with butter, salt and a glass of milk is a meal in itself. Yet, indeed potatoes are the main ingredients of several dishes, like Colcannon-made of mashed potato with butter and onions, Boxty- made of grated potato fried in bacon fat while potato cakes are often served at breakfast but always delicious anytime.

Among the tempting dishes are Limerick ham, Irish Stew, Bacon and Cabbage, Galway oysters, Sirloin steak and Onions, all sorts of game poultry, smoked salmon, Dublin Bay prawns, Spring Lamb, Fresh Grilled Trout, Fresh Farm Eggs and the most delicious Wheaten Bread.

An Irish breakfast is very substantial affair; fruit juice, cereals, bacon, egg, sausage, tomato, mushrooms, (plus soda farls and potato bread in the North), wheaten bread, toast, tea or coffee, they serve mostly all day in public houses and restaurants.



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