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Korean food usually takes some times getting used to by most new arrivals. Of course, if you like Chinese food you're halfway there. 

The main difference is an elevated enthusiasm for spices, especially garlic and red pepper.

Most dishes are very hot, both spice and temperature wise. Rice and noodles are staples, with less emphasis on meat than in the American diet. 

Sliced fruit is a common dessert, the local markets and grocery stores supply a wide variety of meats, fruits, vegetables and staples, apples are especially has a succulent taste.

Along with rice, the national dish is a bold item called "Kimchee." It comes in a variety of types, usually made with radish or a type of cabbage.

The vegetable is pickled in a very strong preparation, heavy on the garlic and red pepper. 

Koreans have elevated Kimchee to a national passion, while foreign residents gradually grow to sort of like it.

If you're into culinary adventure you'll have plenty to discover here. 



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