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Chicken Stew


Chicken Stew Korean Style


1 medium Roasting chicken
4 tbsp. Korean Soy sauce
21/2 tsp. Fresh garlic, minced
3 tsp. Bean and Chili paste
1/4 cup Scallions (green onions), freshly chopped
dash Sea salt
2 tbsp. Sesame oil


Cur the chicken into 2 inches serving pieces through the bone, and give a good wash and dry with paper towel.

Make sure that there's no chip of bones left and combine all the mixture except the sesame oil.

Cover and let it marinate for at least two hours or more in a room temperature.

In a large saucepan pour all the marinated chicken, cook in a slow heat until the meat is cooked, tender and sprinkle with the oil.

Serve with steamed white rice.

Serve 6 people.

Simple tips:

I suggest to that when doing this dish, on hot weather you need to keep refrigerated while marinating the meat, because of the temperature difference.





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