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Roast Beef
Grilled Squid
Pinchos Morunos
Rabo de Toro
Tortilla Paisana
Spanish Paella

Spaniards protect the sanctity of heir family by closing their business and going home, there, around the table with those they love and eat together.

Siesta is central in preserving the unique family structure, which is Spain is well known .Rather than grabbing a plastic wrapped sandwich or hamburger to eat at their desk.

Then enjoy cheese, chorizo, asparagus with alioli, fresh fish with romesco sauce, garlic chicken, followed by a refreshing snooze.

There is always the omnipresent dish of olives, manzanillas, stuffed with anchovies, delicate arbequinas, hearty black or gordas or aliñadas.

Tapas that follows might include a ration of paella made with saffron rice, piquillo pimientos and a touch of smoked paprika. 

Another favorite is ensaladilla made with capers and peppers.

Here are some recipes that I tested of my self, besides  on my own way of Philippine cuisine, was mostly the same gastronomy of Spanish cuisine, because we been under Spanish Conquedores for 300 years. Even the family upbringing and family ties are very similar.



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