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Stuffed Squid
Lamb Rosettes
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Fillets of Sole
Shellfish Rice
Calf's Liver

The history of Italian cooking begins with the culture of the Greek influences. 

The daily fare was simple and sober, like pork, salted fish, chickpeas, lentils, lupines, olive pickles and dried fig and colonies popularized the art.

But at banquets the food was more varied and plentiful like soups, game in vinegar and honey sauces, sweets with almonds and walnuts. 

In the last few decades Italian cuisine has altered as a result of rapid and profound changes in general lifestyle. 

The involvement of industry in the food sector and the subsequent improvements in preparation, and distribution of food standards but perhaps at the cost of a certain loss of flavor in meats and fresh vegetables. has led to modifications of the old system and a raising.

Therefore this remains Italy with a noble culinary tradition and is renowned abroad as well as keeping up with the pace of 20th-century life.

Italian cooking, with its adoptable in preparation, has remained resistant to this. 



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