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Shellfish Rice


Assorted Shellfish Rice Salad with Asparagus Tips


3 cups Parboiled rice
1 1/2 cups Asparagus tips
8 pcs. Tiger prawns with shells
8 medium Shrimps with shells
1 1/2 cups Fresh Mussels
2 cups Fresh Clams
3 cloves Fresh Garlic
6 medium Ripe tomatoes
1/2 cup Fresh Ricotta cheese
1 whole lemon juice, freshly squeezed
some Salt and Pepper to taste
some Extra virgin olive oil
1 Lemon Vinaigrette made of:
(made of 1 tbsp. vinegar or lemon,       3 tbsp. olive oil,       1 tbsp. finely chopped herbs parsley,         basil, marjoram and or 1 tbsp. mustard)


Boil the rice in plenty of salted water and when it is coo, strain and set it aside let it cool down.

Steam the asparagus tips for ten minutes and set aside also.

In medium heat, put a large skillet with 3 tbsp. olive oil sauté the garlic until golden brown, not to burn.

Add all the shell fish and cook for 5 minutes, covered with tight fitting lid until the shells open.

Remove the shells from the pan, filter the juices and cool them in their juices.

In a clean large bowl, put the cooked shellfish, mix the asparagus, rice and stir with lemon vinaigrette.

Dip the tomatoes in a boiling water, peel and blend them with salt, pepper, ricotta and the lemon juice.

Serve the rice on a serving dish accompanied by the tomato sauce.

Serve 8 people.



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