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Huevos Rancheros
Mexican Rice
Salsa Mexicana
Chile Relleno
Paella  Mexico

Another typical way of cooking with Mexican herbs is to wrap them around other foods before steaming, grilling, or baking.

Tamales, for instance, are sometimes wrapped with large leaves of hoja santa or epazote. Corn, banana, avocado, and chili leaves can also act as herbs, by imparting their subtle flavors to the foods they wrap.

Perhaps the easiest and most direct way to use Latin herbs is to combine a few varieties, mince them finely, and add the mixture to salsas, baked vegetables, soups, tacos, guacamoles, or beans. 

In Spanish these mixtures are called hierbas finas and any number of combinations is possible. Parsley, Mexican tarragon, cilantro, and chives make up one basic mixture.



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