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Mutton Curry
Squid Sate
Penang Rojak
Nasi Lemak
Char Koay Teow

China's Canton and that of southern India are significant sources of Malaysia's culinary heritage, as is the sublime cuisine of Thailand.

Fresh tropical fruits and succulent Malaysian seafood are featured ingredients, and the chilies and curries of India and Thailand form the basis of spicy preparations. 

Coconut milk is everywhere in Malaysia, imparting a delicious smoothness to curries and other dishes.

The mainstay of every Malaysian meal is rice, in each meal, a kindly helping accompanies a selection of dishes, including fish, seafood, vegetables, and poultry. 

Beef is conspicuously absent, as it is across much in Asia, but individual recipes vary widely from  place to place.

Basic ingredients may be the same, but the method of cooking and accompanying dishes changes with each own tastes and special produce. 

The perennial Malaysian favorite nasi lemak is completely different in Kedah.



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