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Welcome to the New Electric Chef web site!

Here you will find recipes, from Around the World, like Asian, European and some Mediterranean dishes. I have also included some Quick Recipes that can be prepared and cooked in less than an hour.

The new format of my website is not only for recipes, there is also educational information, tips on the kitchen and many others. As this an ongoing effort, more sections will be added as soon as I possibly can.

For more information about what's here (and what's coming soon), please check the news section.

You will find at the bottom on most of my recipes, I also included some useful hints or tips that might help to vary or alter them, if some ingredients for the recipe are not available in hand or not in the store.

The quick recipes section is mainly my own interpretation of recipes that I cook regularly. These recipes can usually be made, from preparation, to served in less than an hour.

This part of the site, will enable you to link to other sites, particularly where you can buy and purchase the majority of the ingredients of my recipes.

I also included on my site some useful hints and techniques about cooking, uses of cooking utensils and more useful information for everyday healthy living.

Thank you all for browsing continuously on my website, and let me know where I can help!

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