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Proper Utensils To Use:

We want to  do our cooking in a proper way, and every utensil and item of kitchen equipment needs to be used the way they should be.

Here is a list of essential utensils:

Garlic Presser

garlicpress.jpg (29031 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)

Very effective to use for mincing garlic, either you peel the skin or not. This saves the smell getting all over your hands.

Electric Knife

Always handy for slicing bake foods especially for roasted meat, that you need to serve in a nice looking pieces.

Electric Rice Cooker

ricecooker.jpg (30504 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)

If you love eating rice this is essential to have this. Cooking the rice is not easy, but if you do cook in rice cooker you can never go wrong.

Food Steamer

Today's trend of cooking steaming food like vegetables and fish are the most healthy way of eating and the flavors remain and not losing the vitamins. Electric Steamer can also be use.

Chinese or Electric Wok

wok.jpg (35999 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)

This is the best way to stir fry, sauté, boil, and steam vegetables.  Also it can be used for deep frying and braising fish and meat.  An Electric wok (as pictured above) can also be used. Wok cooking is the good way of retaining the flavors, sealing all the vitamins and nutritious content of your food.  To maintain all of these benefits, food should not be overcooked.

Mortar and Pestle

mortar.jpg (56334 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)

This is a good way of pounding all the spices, garlic.

Food Processor

For rough chopping of vegetables or if making a puree, either vegetables or sauces.

Measuring accessories

measures.jpg (43232 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)

Measuring spoons and cups are very handy to have in the kitchen, especially when cooking with measured ingredients.

Garnishing tools

garnish.jpg (41669 bytes)   (click thumbnail for larger image)
These tools are used to decorate food.  Please see the article about garnishing tools in the techniques section.

Food Liquidizer

     This is essential to have and handy to used for sauces, puree, dips and fresh fruits shakes drinks or even making your own fresh juice drinks.

Hand Mixers

      Now a days, you can buy the mix master with other parts of accessories like:

Dough hooks - designed for kneading heavy dough's and bread or even pastries.

Whisker- to beat air into mixtures like egg yolks, whites and cream.

Stir Paddle- can be used for stirring gravies and sauces and ideal foe using in nonstick cookware finish.

Drink Mixing Rod- good for mixing all types of powdered and frozen drinks, use this particularly in metal or plastic  containers only.

Large Mixers- designed for all kinds of mixing flours to make pastries, cakes and bread.

Rolling pin

     If you  love bake cooking, this is always necessary to have in the kitchen, to roll pastries and bread.

Grilling pan

    This can be purchase in various kinds, like non stick and cast iron. If you are not a fat lover this is the best way to cook all grilled food, particularly steaks and pork chops or even vegetables.

Pot Trivets

   This very important to be in the kitchen to put your sauce pan, or even skillets when you are in the process of cooking, especially if you have a tiny kitchen, to help giving some space to get more organize.




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