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October 12, 2003 I am now on the process of accepting orders for pre packed food recipes that mostly on my website particularly my Philippine recipes, which are my specialties of cooking. I am willing to accept for parties and gatherings. If you order for bulk parties I can give you discounted prices or extra amount, so the more you order big amount, the better for my customers. And I will be sending them through UPS and FEDEX to get into destination on time you needed them. I can make any recipes you need, this save you a lot of preparation and time, but I will be happy to get your orders ahead of time at least 7 to 10 days in front will be a good window.

I am willing to send you price quotes for what you order and payments can be done by cash or personal checks only.

Few to mentions are my perfect handmade of:

*bite size of egg rolls, made of fresh ground meat and veggies and chosen mixed herbs.

*bite size of egg rolls, made of white fish fillet with veggies and chosen mixed herbs

*rice delicacies (various) recipes

*Kare- Kare (beef in peanut sauce)

*Mechado (Beef Stew Philippine style)

*Menudo (dice lean pork meat in tangy -sweet sauce)

*Hamonado (my own style of Philippine ham marinated in pineapple juice)

*and Variety of Fish and sea food recipes,

*a lot more to mention


July 27, 2003


Sorry for the delays.  Recently I have added a forum to electricchef.  So that people can share ideas for recipes and techniques.
June 7, 2000 

Since summer time is coming again, lighting barbecues by charcoal or gas will be in demand again, so I want to share my own recipes for marinated barbecues on my own way of making my sauces and spices, condiments to go with them and my side dishes to eat with them.                            

May 18, 2000

As of my latest project on this site, very soon the recipe contexts will be appearing by order. 

For example as follows: 

All sea foods and shell fish recipes in one section, Meat and Poultry  will go in the same section, Vegetarian, Low-fat and Light meal dishes will be in the same section also. I will be re-organizing my site by categories in the very near future to help and make things easier to everyone to browse on this site.

There will be more tips and subjects about health matters that will enable to help our health situation, so we can be aware, what is good food for our body in our daily and smart living. 

There will be a section for recipe from readers and viewers, so everyone is invited and welcome to contribute their favorite recipe and this will be posted on my website.  So please send me your recipes by means of e-mail, and I will be looking forward for this.

May 05, 2000

I will be adding more recipes on my site very soon, like American , Moroccan, Jamaican, Russian and other Asian countries. Also some vegetarian and light meal dishes, appetizers, desserts, also dressings, sauces and relishes recipes. 

I 'm also including  some bread making recipes, that will be easier to make if you had a bread machine, they are fun things to make and bake as you can never go wrong making bread on bread machine.

I will be adding more helpful tips, some information about Calories, Cholesterol and Diet and some shopping techniques, storing fresh vegetables, tips for safety food storing, that will help us to live and eat the proper food for healthy living in smart way.

So watch out for this new section, and thank you for being patient this will take a while to finish, but I will carry on adding more as I go along researching.





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