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Chicken in Basil


Thai Chicken in Basil Leaves


1 lb. Boneless chicken breast, sliced in 2 inches strips
or 1 lb. Scallops (rinse well and score diagonally, if you prefer using this)
2 tbsp Canola .oil
4 cloves Fresh Garlic, chopped
3 pieces Kaffir lime leaves, cut into strips
1 cup Straw mushrooms
12 cups Bamboo shoots, canned or ready strips
4 tbsp. Oyster sauce
3 medium Red Chili peppers, chopped
20 leaves Fresh sweet basil leaves
2 cups Chopped cabbage, optional


Heat wok in high and add oil when it's smoky, then fry the garlic and lime leaves.

Follow immediately the chicken meat, mushrooms, bamboo shoots, oyster sauce and red chili peppers.

Stir fry for 5 minutes or until chicken meat is not red anymore.

Add the basil leaves and serve with the bed of chopped cabbage if decide to use this.

Put in a serving plate and this is good for 6 people.


Simple tip:

If you desired to use scallops this is the same procedure also.



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