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Whole Fish


Shanghai Fried Whole Fish in Sweet & Sour Sauce


2 lbs. Red snapper (alternatively you can use carp or big tilapia)
1 tsp. Garlic, chopped
4 tsp. Soy sauce
4 tbsp. Chinese rice wine
6 cups at least Vegetable oil for deep-frying
1 big Carrot, sliced finely into string size
1/2 tsp. Scallions, chopped
1 medium Fresh red pepper, finely sliced
1 medium Fresh green pepper, finely sliced
4 tbsp. Brown sugar
1/4 tsp. Fresh ginger, finely sliced
10 tbsp. Cornstarch or Corn flour, dissolved in cold water
few dashes Salt and Pepper to be sprinkle to the fish

Clean well the fish and gut the stomach then dry with paper towel, sprinkle salt and white pepper all over and set aside.

Heat the oil in a wok to in medium to high temperature, hold the fish by the tail and carefully lower into the oil

Slide a wok scoop or spatula under the fish to keep it from sticking to the wok and deep-fry until the slashes open for about 2 minutes.

Continue to turn the fish and deep-fry it until the skin is brown on all sides.

Finish by laying the fish flat in the oil and pressing the head down with the scoop until it browns.

Remove, drain and place on a large fish shape platter.

Pour all but 7 tbsp of the oil out of the wok, heat until the oil surface ripples.

Add the scallions ginger, garlic, the peppers, vinegar, rice wine and soy sauce, add the water, sugar and cornstarch.

Cook, stir evenly until the sauce thickened.

Pour over the fish and serve immediately with steamed white rice.

Serve 4-6 people.



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