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Broccoli Stir-fry
Sauteed Squid
Prawns Dumplings
Whole Fish
Ginger Chicken
Prawns Chilli Sauce
Lobster Tails
Cantonese Style

Chinese cooking is very fascinating to Western countries (America and Europe especially) it doesn't matter how we try to cook by the recipe book or as we see them by demonstrating, if you are not Chinese you can't cook the same way.

Every country and every cook have their secret technique and charisma of cooking and most of them is the aroma and their spices they using. Serving and presenting the food should be artistic and impressive.

One thing I always know, anything you cook by stir-frying, you should always use wok, and it should be heated very hot and cold cooking oil. (not butter or margarine).

Any stir fry vegetables you want to cook, you must wash and drain your vegetables hours ahead, so all the liquid will strain, and I done this a lot of times on my cooking, yes it does work and the vegetables doesn't get soggy, it remain the crispiness and the wonderful flavors.

Avoid cooking your vegetables overcooked and soggy, and if you're a lover of boiled vegetables, steaming is better, far better for the health because you don't lose the vitamins.

Here are some of my tested Chinese recipes I cooked often, try and cook them and enjoy



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