Cooking Techniques:

We need to understand some of the basic cooking techniques, so we can get good success on the recipe we are cooking.

It is essential to master the techniques, because they will make cooking a lot easier and with enjoyment.


Baking: Cooking food can be indirect, with the dry oven heat, food may be covered or uncovered.

Boiling:   Liquid should be heat until it bubbles, form and rise in steady pattern, and surface need to be        breaking.

Broiling or Grilling:  Cooking the food in measured distance of direct of the heat source, broiler can also be use   for toasting, browning and melting cheese.

Deep Fat Frying: The fat should be hot enough in 365 to 375 degrees, so the food will cook without absorbing excess grease.

Poaching:  Cooking food partially or completely submerged in simmering liquid.

Simmering:  Cooking liquids into low heat, bubbles form slowly and burst below the surface.

Steaming:  Cooking food in steam is given off by boiling water, place the food by perforated metal basket, bamboo steamer or on wire rack setting just above, but not touching the boiling water, covering the pan and steam until food is cook.




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