Grilling and Crockery Cooker  Techniques:

There are 4 types of grills everyone can use, since grilling meat and fish is one of the most healthy way of  cooking  besides of not using any grease or fat, it disposed the excess fat of the meat while cooking, especially if fat is not  needed, this is the best way to cook.

Grill cooking can be done by the following:

1) Covered grills -like charcoal, gas or electric, most common these days, as they can cook both sides and directly, and the air vents in the bottom and in the grill hood makes control the ventilation, for evenly heat.

2) Braisers Grills-  they are shallow and uncovered, designed to use for direct heat grilling only.

3) Hibachis Grills- they are small portable grills that work perfectly for appetizers and for 2-3 people doing barbecues.

4) Grilling pan- they are essential to used for grilling meats and poultry, but they can only be used on the top gas or electric burners.

Some tips cooking by Crockery:

There are two kinds of crockery cookers available in the markets today.

a) Continuous cooking cycles 

b) Or with dial indicating in temperature degrees.

If decided to cook by Crockery pot, be sure to do all the vegetables and meat chopping and measuring ahead of time. If your cooker has a movable liner, arrange and assemble all the ingredients and refrigerate  until you're ready to cook.

Crockery cooking relies on the heat that builds up in the cooker itself, make sure to keep lid secured while on process of cooking, also make sure that food doesn't push up on the lid. Don't attempt to open to stir or peek, wait until it's finally cooked and done. Sudden temperature changes will not help to protect the liner, and avoid to preheat and add more food.




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