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Lamb Kabobs


Indian Lamb Kabobs

(This recipe needs to be prepare at least 4-5 hours in front)


2 lbs. Fillet end leg of lamb, cut into cubes
2 medium Onions
2 an inch size pieces Fresh ginger, pounded
5 whole Firm plum tomatoes
1 medium Green pepper
4 tbsp. Mild curry powder
3 tsp. Curry paste
1 whole Lemon juice, freshly squeeze
1 medium Natural yogurt
1/2 tsp. Fresh milled pepper
1/2 tsp. Coarse salt
2tbsp. Olive oil


In a large bowl put the cubes of lamb and season with salt and pepper and pour the olive oil.

Leave to marinate for 2 hours or so, but keep turning over to flavor evenly

Cut onions in to quarter and split into pieces, de-seeded the pepper cut into quarters also cut tomatoes into quarters and add all them in the marinating meat.

In another bowl mix the curry paste, powder, lemon and yogurt together and pour into the marinating meat, stir and mix evenly and continue marinating for another 2 hours in a cool place.

Preheat the grill in medium, or cook over the charcoal start skewing the kabobs tightly together with, the meat, tomatoes, peppers alternate with little piece of ginger.

Start grilling and turning frequently, basting occasionally with the marinade sauce and cook for 15 minutes.

This is desirable to served with Indian Pilau rice and plain Naan bread spooning the juices over.

This is well recommended for good quality.

Serve 6 people.



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