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Grilled Salmon


Grilled Salmon Steak and Steamed Seasonal Vegetables


2 medium slices Salmon steak, wash and pat dry with paper towel
some  Sea salt and Ground pepper, to sprinkle to the steak
1 large  piece  Carrot, cut 1 1/2 inch long and slice into quarter
1/4 lb.  Sugar pea pods, trim hard ends
1 medium size Yellow squash, sliced into coin ring sizes
1 medium size Zucchini squash, sliced into coin ring sizes
2 medium size Potatoes, peeled, sliced round ring sizes and deep fry
1 tsp.  Low fat Butter
1/8 tsp.  Fresh Parsley, chopped
1/2 cup  Canola oil


Sprinkle some salt and pepper and  press slightly to get inside the steak, wrap in foil for good flavor and taste.

In medium heat of the griller, start to grill the Salmon steak, and cook for 5 minutes each side or it depends the way you want to cook them.

In a steamer group your vegetables accordingly, and cook and steam for 5-8 minutes, or until tender.

In a medium skillet, pour the cooking oil and turn to very high heat, as the cooking oil turn to steaming hot.

Start frying the potato rings and turn the heat to medium until they cook and fried crispy, remove and drain in paper towel.

Spread and sprinkle the butter and parsley on the steamed vegetables then stir evenly.

Start laying all the cook food in a serving platter and serve warm immediately.

Serve 2 people.


Cooking time: 25 minutes

Preparation time: 10 minutes


Simple variation:

You can vary the vegetables  to serve, like Asparagus, Broccoli, or Fresh Beans.

Fish can be alter too, like Red Snapper steak, Cod or Flounder steak,  are very suitable also.


















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